About us


Slab-Pro is a silicone rubber that provides security around your comic book case with dense rubber on the four corners for added protection. They easily slip on and off and give a more comfortable feel when handling your books. You can personalize your comic to go with the colors in the cover or to organize by grade.

The unique design of Slab-Pro enhances your comic books. The rubber silicone borders your comic book case so it does not cover or divert attention from the comic or grading label.


This custom mold is designed to protect the border of the comic book case. The impact from a drop may not only cause damage to the case, but also to the comic, therefore, the value and grade can decrease significantly. Consider this a shelter, which is intended to protect your comic book from exterior damage, such as cracks and falls. Since cases can get easily damaged, having Slab-Pro can help avoid this from occurring.


Comic books are frequently stacked during shipping or when carried. Stacking puts too much strain and resistance on the comic cases. Slab-Pro has additional silicone rubber support on the back to relieve pressure and assist in separating the cases when stacked to prevent common damage.

If your comics are not securely packaged, a little movement or bang can result in a damaged case. Slab-Pro will ensure safer shipping.


Collectors enjoy showcasing their collections whether it's their most valuable book or their favorite superhero. The rubber silicone band has added grip to prevent slipping and falling off shelves or display cases. Aside from the protection, it gives your comic a new sleek look and intensifies the colors of your comic book.


Slab-Pro is offered in many colors which coincide with the colors of the grading labels, making it easier to classify by grade. Standard black is also available.